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Click here to learn how to access parent/student information in Charms

Charms keeps track of all our student, member, and adult information such as email addresses, phone numbers, what group they are in, their grade, and lots more. Charms can organize and make sense of the library, and keep track of inventory, equipment, props and uniforms. Charms knows who turned in their form, who missed practice, where they stand or sit, how much they owe on their trip, and who still hasn't turned in their uniforms.

Communication has never been easier or more effective!


Charms will keep track of all our events on a live, interactive on-line calendar - available to all of our band students, members, and adults by group. The Google calendar on our website simply displays events in the Charms calendar, to interact with the Charms calendar you have to sign into your Charms account! Using Charms we can send mass e-mails, record and blast phone messages and send free text messages. We can upload handouts, sound files, short videos, assignments, audition materials, maps, pictures and more for students, members, and parents to access 24/7, either on your home/work computer or on your mobile devices.

To learn how to access Charms Office click on the 'How To' link above and follow the instructions. To login to Charms Office click on the Charms logo.

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